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Week starting Feb 10, 2013

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Member Since:

May 31, 2012



Goal Type:

Local Elite

Running Accomplishments:

Post High School Road PRs

Mile         4:30 (2016)

5K          15:24 (2017)

10K        31:48 (2018)

10M       52:23 (2017)

Half     1:09:14 (2018)

Mar.    2:29:41 (2015)

Short-Term Running Goals:

Stay injury free, consistently train, and enjoy running

PR in the 5K,10K,10M, half marathon






Long-Term Running Goals:

2019 Race Schedule

1/1               New Years Day 5k (1st, 16:08)

2/3               For The Love 10k 

3/16             Shamrock Half Marathon

4/7               Cherry Blossom 10 Mile

4/28             NJ Marathon ?


9/29             Berlin Marathon




Live near DC in Fairfax, VA. Hoping to train tough and see what I've got before time and other responsibilities catch up to me.



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Miles:This week: 40.00 Month: 201.75 Year: 201.75
Adidas Takumi Sen Flats Lifetime Miles: 98.50
Adidas Adios 3 Lifetime Miles: 90.00
Adidas Sub 2 Flats Lifetime Miles: 18.50
VaporFly 4% Lifetime Miles: 20.00
New Balance 890v6 Lifetime Miles: 65.00
Adidas Supernova.6 Lifetime Miles: 181.75
Total Distance
New Balance 890v.3.3 Miles: 26.00Saucony Kinvara 3 Miles: 17.00New Balance 890v.2.4 Miles: 14.70
Total Distance

10 easy. sore as shit from the run yesterday and the lunges/plyos on Friday. Once I got warmed up it felt great. It was beautiful out today. 45 and sunny, no wind.

New Balance 890v.3.3 Miles: 10.00
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Total Distance

8 miles easy at lunch.  Started pushing the pace and dropping low 6:40s toward the end.  It was really easy because it was in the 50s today and when it's that warm I find it easier to get the legs moving. unfortunately it is supposed to be 30 degrees with 25 mph winds on Sunday...the day I attempt to race for the first time in three months. Effing weather. anyway I did by standard core routine.

2 miles in my Vibrams + 5 x 12 sec. steep hill sprints and speed drills after work. felt good.

New Balance 890v.3.3 Miles: 8.00
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Total Distance

10 min. WU

6 x 1 mile with 2:00 min. jogs.  5:47, 5:29, 5:33, 5:20, 5:32, 5:23

10 min CD

Strength day today. I wanted to get some good miles in instead of 2 mile repeats simply because I felt like it.  That's the beauty of training by yourself and not with/for a team.  I can basically do what I want.  Ironically, that has made me faster than I ever was with a team.  No pressure...just relaxed running and putting in the work. Anyway the mostly down hill direction was running into the wind while the mostly uphill direction was with the wind so it was sort of strange but it evened out me splits. averaged 5:31.  Good strength pace. Makes me wonder how I will fare for a half marathon.  I wonder if I had time to run 8-10 repeats how I would do.

sore from the hill sprints yesterday.  Warm out today. 

Saucony Kinvara 3 Miles: 9.00
Total Distance

Wow today was something else.  So I worked at the FB campus today so I decided to run after work. I felt good so I wanted to go out and do 12 or 15.  It was 48 degrees and overcast this afternoon.  When I left work it was 37 and raining...not a super heavy but steady rain.  I went out and it got cold...hands went numb...and only my left foot was soaked. So I tried to get my right foot wet because my left foot felt like two pounds heavier. Didn't really work.  

I then came upon a red fox out at Haine's point.  The damn thing ran away and as I stared at it it started trotting toward me and then started coming at me.  Maybe I was near its den or something.  I just took off with an adrenaline surge.  It's amazing how fast I flew for a bit but the fox isn't any bigger than a beagle...oh well it was dark.

My skin was wet and freezing and as I ran by the tunnel on the bike path cars came by and showered me in water.  Whatever.  a bit later my right (dry) shoe came untied.  I had it with the run and came on home...cold and soaking wet.  Rain never stopped.  Oh well. 

New Balance 890v.3.3 Miles: 8.00
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Total Distance

8 miles at easy-moderate pace. I decided to not do this week's tempo run because of the 10K that I am running on Sunday.  Legs are sore in strange places due to last night's debacle run.  Nice day today.  I'm planning to do 4 more when I get home from work.

Saucony Kinvara 3 Miles: 8.00
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Total Distance

8.2 miles easy-moderate.  Nice out today.  I never did get that second run in yesterday.  Exhausted from lack of sleep. 

New Balance 890v.2.4 Miles: 8.20
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Total Distance

6.5 easy. a few strides and drills.  Tomorrow's race won't end up being a race, at least not a race against the clock.  Going to be 20 with 20 mph winds at 8:00 a.m. not exactly great racing weather.  Ironically it was 58 degrees, sunny, and calm yesterday.  I guess February is a fickle beast. 

New Balance 890v.2.4 Miles: 6.50
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Total Distance
New Balance 890v.3.3 Miles: 26.00Saucony Kinvara 3 Miles: 17.00New Balance 890v.2.4 Miles: 14.70
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